Website Development and Hosting

Do you have a business but no website?

Do you want to enter the online marketing industry with your products?

Do you need a place to showcase your talents/business?

It’s an age-old dilemma – “I’ve started the business I’ve always wanted, now how do I make my company a success?” 

Answer: Get noticed and build momentum. However, while the answer is easy to give, it is not always easy to execute. So what do you need precisely to get the ball rolling is creating a website asap.

At IUX IT, we will develop from a single static page of straight text to complex web-based internet applications, electronic commerce, and social network services (In simple words, DYNAMIC WEBSITE) as per your business requirements with our Website Development and Hosting Services.

Our services include:

  • Understanding client needs and defining project goals
  • Creating initial drafts and wireframes for website design
  • Ensuring UI/UX design is user-friendly and visually appealing
  • Developing front-end elements for user interactions
  • Coding back-end functionalities and ensuring server responses
  • Ensuring mobile and cross-browser compatibility
  • Creating, optimizing, and integrating multimedia content
  • Implementing and optimizing content for SEO
  • Conducting functional testing for usability and performance
  • Addressing security concerns and implementing protection measures
  • Deploying website to a live server and configuring domains
  • Ongoing support for updates, troubleshooting, and maintenance
  • Regularly updating content and managing website databases
  • Ensuring website compliance with legal standards (like ADA, GDPR)
  • Providing analytics and insights for website performance improvement

IUX IT web development service manages both the outer form and the inner parts of your desired website. We work to make sure you have a solid start for your business online, and people notice the hard work you’re putting into it. At the end of the day, we will equip you with a Dynamic Website and you will be earned more than you bought. importantly, it’s secure.


Read Our Frequently Asked

NO worries!

We will provide a dynamic website for your business regardless of the industry. We will accommodate you with a top-notch secured website to showcase your business or talents.

We intend to make sure that our customers are earned rather than bought. Statistically, You will save more than 4 hours more than usual each day if you trust us with your website-related issues. Use the extra time for family or your business. 

Static Web pages and Dynamic Web pages are opposites of each other. Static pages rarely change, and you must create the page every time you want to make a change. Then, you have to upload the new designed web page and pictures to the Web servers.

However, Dynamic web pages can change every time they are loaded without any manual interference. Additionally, this type of site can even adjust its content based on what your website visitors do. The dynamic pages usually store and pull data from an underlying database.

Dynamic websites have more complex coding than Static websites, which costs more to develop but reduces open-ended maintenance costs. A CMS (Content Management Service) is required to manage a Dynamic website. Nevertheless, you can have a combination of dynamic and static elements in a site. For example, using dynamic pages for a product catalog to change information or pictures regularly but leaving the “Contact Us” and “About Us” pages as static pages.

Your website requirements are solely dependent on your business requirement and targeted customers. IUX IT provides services to all types of businesses. For instance,

  • Suppose you have a service business that sells products of no physical form (professional skills, photographers, mechanics, accountancy firms, or coaches). In that case, your business requires a static website to advertise locally. Consultants and coaches can trade knowledge online while using an online payment system.
  • If you have a merchandising business that buys products at sale prices and sells the products at a higher price, you need an eCommerce website to trade locally or internationally. 
  • If you own a manufacturing business that purchases goods to utilize them as materials to produce a new product, you need a combination of eCommerce and static websites. It would be best if you have the eCommerce functions for selling and static pages for advertising.
  • It would be best for a combination business (hotels and restaurants) to use a dynamic website. Combination businesses have a broader range of audiences, and the websites require to show local geographical maps to find them or online booking forms with payment systems for merchandising. Overall, a website with all the services.

If you are still unsure about the type of website your business needs, book a consultation session with one of the IUX IT experts.

Yes. All of our developed websites are search-engine friendly. Additionally, IUX IT website hosting services are also better for your website’s SEO.

Yes, IUX IT is a one-stop-shop. We will take care of all of your intricacies, from registering your domain name and designing your site to developing it and maintaining it for years to come.

It would be best to have a domain name, a Web server, and a professionally developed website. Then upload the website to your host and promote it to search engines. IUX IT website development and hosting services can accommodate you with all aspects of getting a website up and running.

Honestly, no. It depends on the browser, screen resolution settings, and the computers of the visitor. Don’t worry – we have this in mind, and before delivering, we preview them in several browsers and resolution settings. IUX IT commits to coping up with the evolving technology.

Of course. IUX IT will accommodate you with secure servers (SSL) that use the latest encryption methods to ensure data safety. We can interface with PayPal, Authorize.NET, or other third parties for online payment. You will get all the services through our Website Development and Hosting services.