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Cloud computing is getting popular among SMBs (Small and Middle-sized Businesses). The method to secure a cloud environment is different from conventional data center systems. Hence, it would be best if you had an expert IT team for cloud computing. Any unauthorized access to your resources can help misconfigurations and expose many high-profile, sensitive data.

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here at IUX IT, we understand the unique customer needs, and with our flexible cloud-based solutions, it’s evident that we know the cloud, and we know the industry. We will ensure that our customers are earned rather than bought. 

IUX IT cloud solution builds a network of remote servers hosted via the internet to store, manage and process data, rather than hosting it locally. This is how IUX IT will reduce the number of capital investments your business needs to make.

IUX IT cloud solution provides services based on AWS, Office365, and Microsoft Azure. Our services include:

  • Deployment of cloud platforms
  • Migration 
  • Management
  • Dedicated Cloud Hosted Server

Public cloud platforms, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, supply resources in data centers worldwide to ensure users access via the internet. It is a cost-friendly way because you share someone else’s infrastructure, and most importantly, it’s secure.


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Yes. The clouds are usually more secure than most private data centers since companies such as Amazon and Google can hire skilled engineers and automate many systems. Cloud infrastructure providers also offer tools and architectural options to isolate workloads, encrypt data and detect potential threats.

However, public clouds operate on a shared responsibility model, where the user secures the data and applications hosted on the cloud. This division of security responsibilities varies based on the tier of cloud computing. In general, the cloud is secure.

The cloud can help modernize any business and transition IT from its conventional role as doorkeeper to an essential participator in the decision-making process for an enterprise.

According to the IUX IT experts, costs will vary based on various variables, including the size of your environment, the provider, the region you operate in, the amount of data movement, and the number of higher-level services consumed, etc. In the end, it actually becomes cost-effective for small to middle-sized businesses. 

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